• CODE V optic software
  • LightTools illumination design software
  • LucidShape for Automotive Lighting Design
  • RSoft Software for Photonic Design and Network Design
  • Optical Engineering Services

CODE V: Imaging Systems Design

Design, optimize and fabricate reliable imaging optics with
CODE V, the most powerful optical design software available.

LightTools: Illumination Design

Model, simulate, optimize and visualize illumination optics with LightTools, a complete illumination design software environment.

LucidShape: Automotive Lighting Design

Design automotive lighting systems using LucidShape software products, and simulate night driving in real time with LucidDrive.

RSoft Design: Photonic & System Design

Design and simulate optical telecommunication devices and systems, optical components, and nano-scale photonic structures with the RSoft products.

Optical Engineering Services

Let us help you solve your optical design challenges with expert, cost-effective imaging, illumination and systems engineering services.

Which Synopsys optical design solution is right for you?

Find the right software solution based on your needs or application. Or, see if consulting services are the right choice for you.

Featured White Paper: Choosing the Right Illumination Design Software

Design and optimize high-performance lighting, illumination systems, and LEDs with LightTools.

Featured White Paper: Choosing the Right Optical Design Software

If optics are critical to your product, CODE V optical design software helps enable your success.

Optical Design Software and Engineering Services

Synopsys' Optical Solutions Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of optical design software and optical engineering services that help you design, manufacture, and deploy innovative optical systems that meet performance requirements and minimize production costs.